Christmas – It’s not all drinks…

christmas-drinksSince our last Blog on finance and an email we sent out two weeks ago, we have literally been smashed with enquiries about fixing your loans and looking at better refinance options.

So, for the rest of you, what are you doing?

This is your Merry Christmas kick in the butt to make sure you enjoy your break but to also get organised! You need to gather all your documents so we can do a loan review and get you onto a better interest rate early next year.

Now we are not talking about saving you a measly 0.1%, there are lenders out there offering massive savings as large as 0.6% better than the standard rates the major banks are now offering.

But like usual, we always like to put percentages into dollars, or if you like, beer and wine money (you may get a sense that wHeregroup like the odd beer and/or wine).

Let’s use Davo & Shazza who have their loans with lender ‘X’. Their home loan is $340,000 @ 4.12% and they also have an investment loan of $420,000 @ 4.4%. Now we were able to get them a home loan rate of 3.74% and 3.99% on their investment loan. So in total, we were able to save them $4,064 in interest per annum or $78 per week.

Now, we can’t write a Blog without also talking a little about property. We talk a lot about having cash flow positive properties and to achieve this, you need good rent and a low interest rate. Simple math really! But it does take a little work from you to make this happen.

So, what documents do we need:
• Group certificate – the document work gave you at the end of the financial year
• 2 most recent pay slips
• Tax assessment notice – the document the ATO mail back to you after you do your tax – it’s light blue.
• Last 3 months savings statements
• Last 6 months mortgage statements
• Council rates notice for all properties owned
• Screen shot of your internet banking
• 1 month credit card statement
• 100 points ID – Driver License and Passport
• Latest three months rental receipts for all investment properties you own
• And if you are self employed, we require the last two financial years for your company and your personal tax returns. For the sole traders, just two years personal tax returns.

So everybody’s situation is different and to make sure we can offer a better loan scenario than what you are currently on, we must first gather your paperwork and do a loan analysis and come back to you in writing. Now this isn’t some BS line to get your paperwork so then you’re locked in, it’s a requirement under our mortgage license. And if your interest rate is already awesome, we’ll tell you – no probs!

Now there’s no point getting 2,500 wHeregroup stubby holders made if they just sit in a box in my garage. But to get your hands on two of them, simply jump onto our Facebook page, LIKE the page, scroll down a bit to you see our stubby holder post, and SHARE the post. Let us know in the comments section you have done so and PM us your address and we’ll pop them in the post for you! Or if you are in the area, pop into the office and grab ‘em! (We’ll be back from Monday 9th January!)

Told ya we aren’t drinkers, lol!

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