Get ready for the buying opportunities…

I am sure you have heard enough from everyone’s angle about how Covid 19 has ruined or changed our lifestyles…

I can tell you I am well and truly over it myself… But I wanted to take the positive angle, and let everyone know what’s going on from a property sense.

To do this, we must delve into the negative (opportunity) side of what the virus has done first.

There is talk that Australia could go into a recession, and it’s strange to think that many adults now have not ever lived through one in their adult life. Scary to think that Australia’s last recession was in the late 80’s early 90’s. Yeah, that was the famous “Recession we had to have” speech that Paul Keating is now made famous for. Thirty years is a long time between drinks i.e. recessions.

It has also been mentioned that we could reach 10-15% unemployment, at those high levels, don’t worry about a recession, we would be close to a depression, and we haven’t seen one of those since the 1930’s…

Not to worry though, the government has been spending 100’s of billions of dollars to stimulate the economy – simply to avoid that situation!

The good news is that the stimulus has been working, unemployment figures have recently been revised, and as it stands, we only have a 6% unemployment rate. At this level it certainly won’t be sending the country into a depression, and we’re heading in the right direction where there’s a good chance we could also stave off a recession as well.

This brings me to my point…Its in turbulent times when some good opportunities start to present themselves, some awesome deals can start coming around – and just quietly… this is already starting to happen.

Do yourself a favour, have a little search on, search the suburbs that you live in, see if you can spot any “motivated vendor”, or “will present all offers” in the advertising. Even words like “price amended” should also be key prompters that the vendor is doing it tough and must sell.

It took me less than 1 minute to find two. Now this isn’t where we are buying, nor am I recommending either of these properties in any way – I’m simply giving a few examples that there are deals around if you are ready to pounce!

The wHeregroup has already started getting ready again to buy for our investor clients. We’ve double checked to make sure our pre Covid 19 location is still ticking the boxes and is ready to invest in…and I am happy to say – yes it is!

After making a ton of phone calls and collecting the data again, I can tell you that our secret location is still primed for investing and getting a bargain.

Our property manager for the new area has stated they have zero properties available for rent. As soon as a property is comes up, it gets rented in less than a week. So, getting a tenant should be fast, and at a good dollar, so your yield will be very attractive. How does 5% yield sound? Its certainly possible!

Our location is in QLD, so all we are waiting for is the borders to open up, and we are off again buying.

Our list of ready buyers has been building over the last 3 weeks.

So, this is your virtual kick in the bum to get organised.

Get going, so you can get onto our list ASAP before the waiting list gets insane… which it always does!

To have a chat with our sales team about your personal investment plans, and what is possible Click here and book in a time to chat today.

Or, certainly, you can reply to this email too.

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