Rebecca Sassine (B2)


Rebecca Sassine started working with the wHeregroup in March 2010.

Bec, or B2 as our clients would know her, originally began her career with us as a junior loans administrator, with no experience in lending as a 20 something year old.

Bec left the wHeregroup for a 12 month Gap Year, seeing out her time working on the Super Yachts in Monte Carlo and Italy and returning to her home base in Cronulla in 2013.

After hanging out with the rich and famous, she decided at 22 she needed to make some money of her own, and has done just that. At 23 bought her first home, and at 24, sold that home, made a tidy profit and has now bought two investment properties of her own.

Bec has worked her way up to be the head of the Property Department and holds our clients hands through the entire property purchasing process. She will assist by liaising with property managers, solicitors, real estate agents, and inspectors, all on your behalf. She travels frequently to source and locate our clients investment properties. She will talk you through your investment and is always happy to help with anything property related.


Real Estate Licence – Buyer’s Agent
Certificate IV – Mortgage Brokering
Certificate of Registration

Rebecca Sassine can be contacted on (02) 9544 5554 or 0420 619 314 or email or LinkedIn-button 

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