Results speak for themselves – and we think these are pretty good. Great results come from great research and that’s what we do – Todd spends hours and hours scouring Australia and the USA looking for locations that meet his own investing requirements. The number one criteria being a great location at the bottom of its property cycle. You can’t buy awesome houses and see great results like these if your competing against other buyers.

If you would like to know why we invested in the below locations, make sure you hit the E-Book link and get your copy. Nothing gives investors more confidence than seeing why a previous location was chosen to invest in. Then make sure you hit the ‘Contact Us’ and book and appointment to chat with one of our sales team. That way you will beat the crowds and get an awesome deal like these!

Note: these are past locations and we DON’T recommend anyone buying in them now. Also, stay tuned as we will be adding more locations and properties in the coming weeks..

Upper Coomera & Ormeau



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Part 1 was how Todd had 50 properties by age 31

Part 2 was how he got back to 50+ properties

Now Part 3 is all about wHy he is now investing in the US

With a portfolio of nearly 80 properties now…

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