47 Awesome Deals Done in November!


Sorry for the long time in between Blogs, nine weeks ago I had a crash on my dirt bike at the farm and tore my rotator cuff, fractured my shoulder and tore off two major ligaments from the shoulder. So after surgery and in a sling for 6 weeks – I’m currently the Trex of the office. And as you’ll read below, we have been insane busy!

Well what a trip my last trip in November was….

We had so many clients to buy for again; the buyer list just keeps growing, which is awesome… so much so we completely stopped any marketing 8 months ago.

On top of the huge buyers list we had, I had a three day secret mission that I didn’t tell the office too much about.

For the last 3 months I have been negotiating on a portfolio of properties from two owners who were looking to sell. Their investing strategy had changed from single houses to apartment buildings on one title. And one such building had been offered to them but to secure this they needed to offload these houses. So they had motivation – just as I like it!

So for three days, I walked through their portfolio and photographed every house. One of the owners and their builder was with me. It was a huge three days I can tell you. There were around 2,500 photos taken. Almost every house was tenanted – so I had to be an inspector so the tenants didn’t get nervous about the owner selling their home on them.

After my trip, I came back to the office to drop the bombshell – “Hey guys, how busy are we all?”

They were already super busy processing all the other houses we had purchased whilst I was away.

“Well I’ve just secured a deal with two guys to buy 32 houses at once, and they ALL have to settle on the same day?”

Now as a gentleman, I cannot repeat the language I heard that moment…

So the Challenge had been set – we needed to find clients to invest in ANOTHER 32 houses… yes 32

They were all houses, all tenanted except for 3 (which will be tenanted by the closing date), from 2 bed to 6 bed houses, all had been renovated in the last 5 years, priced from US$56,700 through to US$85k and there were two multi family houses for US$120k.

But the best part were the yields these houses were getting – the minimum gross yield was 19% up to 21.2%.

Yeh you read correctly – it’s no misprint…

Now you can understand with yields in Australia generally at 5% and below, that these yields sell themselves.

So much so that we only offered these to our existing US investors firstly and within one week we had 28 houses taken. A week later and the last four have also all been taken.

It was the first time that our clients had a choice of which house they wanted. It was a first in best dressed scenario… needless to say it was an absolute frenzy for a few days with investors jumping in straight away to get the house they wanted.

There was only one bad house in the portfolio, so I went back to the owners and said they need to do some work on this house and move the tenants on. So that’s exactly what they are doing. These owners also own a building company, so getting this work done for them was cheap and easy to do.

The best part for me was this all happened while I went in for surgery on my shoulder… Thanks to our amazing team of 3 staff at the wHeregroup who sorted everything for our clients pretty damn quickly… while I was high on Endone laying in bed.

We know that we have a ton more clients who want an awesome deal on houses in the US… but we had to go in order of preference. We started with our previous US clients and if we needed then we would offer them to our clients who have enquired about the US but haven’t taken the plunge as yet. From there we were going to offer them to our massive investor database and lastly to the general public – but we knew it was never going to get that far.

So we know for most of you, this is the first you’ve heard about our deal here. The great news is that I am working on several more portfolio packages of houses in the US that will become available very shortly.

On top of that we still have offers on many other houses waiting for the owners to accept reality and take our offer.

2018 is already looking like a massive year, I’m off to the USA again at the end of January, and I’ve been busy working on new material including new location e-books from locations in Australia we wrapped up this year… it’s just slow typing with one arm.

We also have a massive surprise we are going to launch around March for our client base… Watch this Space!

Now if you’re thinking about getting a US property as part of your New Years Resolution… let me say you’ll be way down the buyers list if you do. We are already working on client’s deals for February now.

In amongst all this craziness, I’ve come up with our new US tag line… so watch out for this, as we will be using this everywhere from now on…

wHeregroup – We don’t even get out of bed for 5%!

These are just a few of the properties we purchased for clients this past trip.



Purchase Price; $80,000USD

Rent Per Month $1290USD

4 bed, 1 Bath.

19% Yield


Purchase Price; $80,000USD

Rent Per Month $1300USD

3 bed, 1 Bath.

20% Yield


Purchase Price; $81,000USD

Rent Per Month $1400USD

3 bed, 1 Bath.

21% Yield


Purchase Price; $80,000USD

Rent Per Month $1335

3 bed, 2 bath

20% Yield

If you want to know more about how to get in on the USA action, Register your details here!

I finally wanted to take the time here to wish every one of my readers a very Merry Christmas, and a safe and happy new year.

We look forward to working with you again in 2018, to what will be our biggest year yet, with so much happening; it’s going to be a cracker for sure!!!

Cheers Todd

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