Finally released… wHeregroup’s US Education Series

It’s been a long time coming, but wHeregroup’s Free US Education Series is finally being released to the public…

We have had many clients express their interest in investing in the US, but they were cautious about investing in a country they knew nothing about, so we have listened and have created the perfect solution. We have gone through and answered every question imaginable about how to invest in the US. There are 18 short videos that you can watch at your own leisure to go through all of the in’s and outs. We have created guides, there are real life examples, there are walk through videos and every piece of information you could need to be ready to jump into an investment property in the US, before everyone else catches on!  Even if the US hasn’t been on your investing radar before this, you are going to love this.

We let you know our video series was on it’s way, and here it is. We have gone through our soft launch to the first 80 clients who absolutely loved it! The feedback was awesome, if we must say so ourselves. The feedback wasn’t all we got though, it resulted in clients coming on board and purchase properties with us in the US. They are one step closer to achieving a passive income, setting themselves up for retirement by purchasing within their SMSF or parents have helped their kids to get into their first investment. 

I mean why wouldn’t they though? We are buying houses for around US$80k & getting yields of 17% in one location, and over 20% in the other – we have even had a few properties achieve over 25% – insane, we know. And they are all in major US cities set for growth.

We know we keep saying it, but nothing good lasts forever, so you need to be quick, and get in before the prices go up, and the yields come down… Because they will. We have seen it happen in our first US location that we have wrapped up due to a huge increase in prices. Great for those who own there, but not those who wanted to jump on, too late. Don’t miss your chance this time…

Click on the link and get started – 18 short videos is all it takes!

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Part 1 was how Todd had 50 properties by age 31

Part 2 was how he got back to 50+ properties

Now Part 3 is all about wHy he is now investing in the US

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