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  Tuesday 2nd May 2017 – 7pm.

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This is a one night only event, strictly limited seating!

With so much interest in this niche property offering, we’re giving you the opportunity to hear from Director, Todd Hunter on all things USA.

As a Professional Investor & Buyers Agent who owns 56 properties including 8 in the USA, this evening is sure not to be missed!

Todd Hunter began purchasing properties in the USA for himself in 2013 and for selected wHeregroup clients since 2014, but we’re now ready to release this offering to the market.


A word from Todd Hunter…

Thanks for making the decision to explore the option of investing In the US.

I’m sure I know what has attracted you to take this step… the low purchase prices and the high yields. Am I right?

Just to give you comfort, the yields advertised are correct, they are not a misprint. Insane right! Check out some of the real results we’ve achieved so far…

As a professional investor, I am looking to create wealth and a passive income through property. And if that means I need to invest overseas – then that’s what I will do. The low interest rates over the last 4+ years have driven a huge surge in property prices on the east coast of Australia and the rents have not been able to follow the same level of growth.

As a result, property prices are becoming unaffordable and to make things worse, the yields are the worst we have ever seen.

To add to the craziness of the current environment, these properties are negatively geared! With interest rates at the lowest they have EVER been and yields at 3% and below, these properties are still negatively geared!

In what world does that make any sense?

I hate to say it but those investors are in real trouble when the interest rates rise.

The scenario

So I have put together this information evening for those investors wanting to explore their options. We will go through all the ins and outs – of investing in the US. We will cover topics like:

  • Structure – Asset protection
  • What I research? (totally different to Australia)
  • Currency exchange
  • Tax
  • Do we need to fly to the US?
  • Can I purchase within our SMSF?
  • Property management
  • All the numbers plus much much more

And yes I will touch base on the hot topic of the Trump Factor…. Its good news, believe me!

Now as we have limited seating, its important you complete the registration form below ASAP to secure your spot!

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