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Who is Todd Hunter?


Todd started mortgage broking in 2002 with mortgage giant Aussie Home Loans. At the time Aussie was in its boom stage for both broker recruitment and thousands of clients wanting home loans. During his time there Todd was building his own personal property portfolio. He was setting up investment loans for clients who wanted to invest but not knowing where to buy. He would tell them where he was investing and clients then asked if he was able to execute the transaction for them. As so was born wHere Property.

Within 15 months of writing home loans for Aussie, Todd left Aussie and went to become an independent Mortgage Broker and Buyer’s Agent.

Todd believes when investing in property there should be a plan with a definite exit strategy in mind. From here Todd continued to build his own property portfolio and along came a fast growing client base following Todd’s areas of chosen investments. This attraction also saw the wHere group team grow with mortgage brokers also joining and investing in the property division.

Todd Hunter has a wealth of industry experience in property investment. Over the years, he has purchased countless properties in Australia. If you would like to follow in the footsteps of this man, look no further.

Our team works to give you all the advice and support along the way. We understand that the best way to make large profits is to deal with low price points. That means that we avoid any unnecessary fees that come with some properties. For example, we never buy duplexes or units. We suggest that you invest in houses, which have far fewer costs than other properties.

This growth continued until Todd reached a personal portfolio of fifty (50) investment properties by late 2006.

So then came the next phase in Todd’s investment plan, sell approximately a third of the portfolio and buy a waterfront home with cash. Being that this transaction was a “love” buy and Todd wanting to get a “buy of the century” this took another 2 years to finalise and he is nestled now in bays of Port Hacking.

Phase three in Todd’s plan now is to utilize his home as security to go investing again… not having a home loan, nor rent to pay each week, will allow him to rapidly grow his portfolio again. This phase will see him build a portfolio to create a passive income. This will be combined with a growing portfolio built
inside his superannuation as well.

The last stage will see Todd build a cult like following of property investors working on their lifelong property plan to financial freedom through by strategically investing a in affordable investment properties.

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Todd Hunter began investing in property in 2002. As a mortgage broker and buyers agent, he amassed a portfolio of 50 properties by the age 31.

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