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We buy houses for investors – Simple!

What better way to invest than to piggyback off a professional property investor? Imagine having the ability to be able to get into locations that no one else knows about and buy properties at the cheapest price possible. And then sit back and watch the herds of investors follow us a year or so later and push the values of our houses upwards. All while we are doing the same strategic buying in our next secret spot.

That’s what all of our clients do!

Director and head researcher, Todd Hunter, is a professional property investor. So much so that he had accumulated a portfolio of 50 investment properties before he turned 31 years old.

The great thing for you, the investor, is that he now buys properties for other investors in the exact same location at the same time as when he invests himself.

In English, you get to piggybank off a professional investor and get in on secret property markets long before the herds jump in and push the prices up.

This is because the business is entirely built around Todd and his own investing and to be completely honest, is it Todd capitalizing on his own research. As there are many more opportunities in each area than Todd himself could purchase, he offers these great investment property opportunities to his clients.

But not just any houses in any areas, we have strict research criteria that we stick to.

Before we go into the all the research criteria and perimeters we work to, we need to firstly explain what a Buyer’s Agent is:

Many property companies claim to be Buyer’s Agents but in fact they are not. A true Buyer’s Agent works on behalf of the client and is paid by the client. Companies selling house and land packages and Off the Plan units are not Buyer’s Agents – they are property companies selling a product.

So wHy does this matter?

Simply because they may not be acting in your best interest and that’s wHere we differ.

You have to ask the question, how do they get paid?

If the answer is “by a developer” or they receive kickbacks from other sources, then you have to ask yourself if they have your best interest at heart.

Another question you need to ask: Is their fee disclosed?

If the answer is no, then how much are they really earning. Are they looking after you or their wallet

To prove wHeregroup have your best interest at heart, Todd Hunter never reveals wHere he is investing to the public until we have stopped investing there. If you are reading any commentary or articles that Todd is often published in about locations, be assured we have stopped investing there already.

wHeregroup will not even disclose these locations to you, until you come aboard as client. wHy?

Simply because we don’t want to create our competition of other buyers chasing the awesome property deals we are grabbing for ourselves and our clients…

It’s our 11 Herbs and Spices…

How does he know wHere to invest?

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Part 1 was how Todd had 50 properties by age 31

Part 2 was how he got back to 50+ properties

Now Part 3 is all about wHy he is now investing in the US

With a portfolio of nearly 80 properties now…

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