Complaints and Concerns


We are mindful of the need to ensure that consumers are treated fairly and with respect during the complaints handling process. Any dissatisfaction will be handled in an efficient, timely and effective manner in accordance with ASIC regulations of Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR). 

All complaints or concerns are first to be issued to the person who the complaint is about or who is assisting you at the time. If you feel the matter needs to be taken further, we ask that you send the complaint/concern via email to

All formal complaints related to individuals and their professional manner must be in writing and emailed to our director Todd Hunter.

Email address;

All complaints and concerns will be responded to within 7 business days, and resolved within 60 days, to keep in mind we are having to assist with possible lender time frames and additional info as necessary.

If you are not satisfied with how we handled your complaint, you may take the matter ‘free of charge’ to the relevant External Dispute Resolution (EDR) service provider (subject to the provider’s terms of reference).

Please note that the EDR provider will request the matter be first attempted to be resolved through our IDR process. If our IDR process is still in progress, they would expect that this process be completed before any external consideration.

Our EDR service provider is the Credit and Investments Ombudsman Ltd, which can be contacted via: