No wet feet this time!

With wHat was a rookie move on my January US trip, this time around I bought myself some snow boots. The snow was heavier then than when I have been there before and my last trip I had freezing wet feet – I can say it was zero fun!


So with snow boots on and ready to go buying, when I got to the US there was barely any snow around – Lol.


There probably should have been though as it was absolutely freezing – the type of days where it says the temperature is minus 1 but feels like minus 7 degrees celsius.


Anyway, enough whining about the weather, it was an awesome trip. Covering three cities in 6 business days is very busy. I haven’t added up the volumes of houses but it would have been close to 100 that I walked through.


But something happened this trip that I hadn’t felt since my Detroit and Columbus days of buying – Competition!


The markets have turned in my new buying cities. I noticed a whole lot more houses being renovated, as well as being sold, and with a few offers I submitted, there were multiple offers all competing for the same property.


That’s a first for these cities.


So, wHat’s that mean?


Well it means that the deals are going to start to get tougher. Even though we are buying in fairly large locations, when a country that has 330 million people get to know wHere the next good deals are at, this can change the buying dynamics very quickly.


It’s early days and I will continue to monitor. I say that because the US just had an interest rate rise and are expecting two more this year – so this early Spring influx could be just that – a Spring Influx! Time will tell…


We managed to secure a bunch of houses this trip and I can say ‘WOW’, as we bagged some awesome deals – all with a yield over 20%… Yeah that’s 7 times what Sydney’s yield is – you do the math…


Make sure you check out some of the deals we have secured recently. We’ve added a bunch from different cities now as well as some from our newest secret locations that we are currently investing in.


Click here to check them out!


Now April is the month – the month we are releasing our exciting new 18 part US learning series. We are just ironing out the last bits now. But for those who replied to our last Blog email and said they wanted to be first, they will get in first. So if you want in – make sure you email us ( and say “I want in”!



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  • Ange March 27, 2018, 7:20 pm

    I’m interested

    • Todd April 11, 2018, 1:37 am

      Hi Ange,

      We are releasing a new education video series in the next few days. I will add you to the list to learn a bunch more, then we can chat…

      Cheers Todd


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