Shhhh… The word is out!

There’s been rumblings that wHeregroup might be back buying back in Australia. Well I can finally confirm it’s true, and it’s time to get onboard again.

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It’s been close to 2.5 years since I stopped buying in Australia (October 2017), as I didn’t see any value buying in Australia at the time.

Prices went far beyond the parameters that I set for myself, and I didn’t see any more affordable investing at the time. Sure, Sydney and Melbourne performed exceptional in that time, but we already own a lot of property there, so why not let them sit and increase in value? So for the past few years, we have focused our investment buying in several cities in the US. This was until May 2019, after that, we decided to take a few months off, because we can.. and just enjoy life.

So why stop buying in the USA now? Purely because the dollar has dropped, making it a lot more expensive to buy there. You invest when it’s a good time to invest and that’s what we did. Hmm the same reason that we are back buying in Australia now, because it’s the right time to do so! In the right location of course.

To be honest, I never stopped researching Australia. I always had my eye on things, just waiting for the right time to come back. I was waiting for new locations that can offer a good value buying opportunities, along with good rental yields.

During the time I was investing in the US, I literally had hundreds of emails, Facebook messages, phone calls, texts, all asking me when will we be back investing in Australia. But like I’ve already mentioned, I don’t invest for myself just for the sake of it, so I wont do that for clients either. I wait until I see value in an area, and get in when the timing is right!

What I can now OFFICIALLY tell you all…wHeregroup is back buying in Australia!

We’re starting off with two locations, Sydney and Brisbane, with a potential third location later on in the year. Myself and Anthony completed our first buying trip at the end of January, and already have offers in on properties…that’s how quickly we move. Our Brisbane trip is this week…

Our Sydney location, we have a price point of $550,000 – $750,000 over several suburbs.

Our Brisbane location, we’re looking at a price point over a few suburbs, between $400,000 and $530,000.

For those loyal clients that hounded me about getting back into Australia, it paid off dividends, they got the inside word just before Xmas that we were back. Those eager clients signed our buyers agent agreement, paid their deposit, got their finance ready, and they’re now on our first quarter Active Buyers waiting list. Guess what, the first quarter of 2020, we are already fully booked up. Max buying capacity.

We’ve now opened our second quarter Active Buyers list, and it’s going to fill up fast…

Want to get on board now? Easy, download our agreement to get started..

If what you’ve read so far has you excited, click on the link above, get a copy of our Buyers Agent Agreement, get it signed and back to us with your initial deposit (only $650), and you’ll be on the waiting list. I wouldn’t leave it too long, the first quarter list filled in less than a week.

For those who are keen, but want to have a chat first, no problem. Click Here to arrange a time to talk with one of our sales team.

For the semi procrastinator’s, it’s ok, I get it, there’s been a bit of hype so far. Let me give you a few reasons to bite the bullet and jump in:

  • Australia currently has the lowest interest rates in history – so get in, buy, and capitalise on this cheap money. Talk to our finance team for help
  • Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are bouncing back – sure the coastal suburbs are becoming hot, but there’s some suburbs out there just showing signs of coming back now – meaning prices are still down, and we can get in before they go up – hence I’m buying there
  • Lending has become easier to obtain – if you tried to get a loan 2-3 years ago and were knocked back – the lending criteria has had its reigns loosened, so what you couldn’t get before, you’ll have a much better chance now
  • How are your children EVER going to be able to afford a home unless you help them. To help them you must help yourself first, start getting yourself in a position now. This will mean you will be able to help them later
  • What’s the worst that could happen… you hold the property a bit longer than expected. By purchasing at the bottom of a cycle, the property will only increase. Time is the only differential. Property historically doesn’t go down. And if you have to sell, then sell… at least you had a go – otherwise if you sit back, you’ll probably be watching it all become more and more unaffordable and wish you’d acted…

Cheers wHeregroup

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