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We thought it was about time we showed you all some of the awesome houses we have recently purchased in the US. These homes have all been purchased in the current location we are purchasing in, which is a major US City.
We have a great videographer that captures the house so you can see what they look like, inside and out, and we have added the property numbers for you…
Purchase Price: US$76,000
Rental Return: US$303 per week
Yield: 20.73%
3 bedroom, 1 bathroom
Purchase Price: US$77,500
Rental Return: US$313 per week
Yield: 21.00%
4 bedroom, 2 bathroom 

Purchase Price: US$75,000
Rental Return: US$290 per week
Yield: 20.11%
5 bedroom, 2 bathroom, Double Garage
We have another batch of properties that are going to be available shortly, so make sure you jump on and learn about investing in the US. Our 18 part education series answers all of your questions about investing in the US and about the service wHeregroup provide. 
At the end, after digesting it all, you will even get the chance to book in a time to talk with Todd and we’ll help you add one of these to your portfolio.
If you want to see more examples of properties we have bought, both in this location and past locations, check out our results page.
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Part 1 was how Todd had 50 properties by age 31

Part 2 was how he got back to 50+ properties

Now Part 3 is all about wHy he is now investing in the US

With a portfolio of nearly 80 properties now…

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